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The Global CMO Growth Council


Posted 10 November 2022. 10:11am

The Global CMO Growth Council

The Global CMO Growth Council was organized in 2018 as a means for the global community of CEOs to unite under one leadership to make marketing a force for growth and a force for good.

In accordance with ANA’s growth agenda and led by Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Mark Pritchard, the CMO Global Growth Council intends to encourage marketing CMOs to look far into the future and envision what is needed to grow their brands, businesses and the public in the months and years ahead.

The Association of National Advertisers

The development of professionals in the marketing industry, promoting brands and businesses, and industry for the benefit of mankind.

Founded in 1910

ANA is the largest and oldest trade association for the advertising industry in the United States. Formerly known as the National Advertising Managers Association, it was created to promote cooperative relationships between regional and national advertising industry representatives, manufacturers and merchants, and advertisers and agencies.

Obsessed with Membership.We are interested in satisfying our partners with the highest quality products and services and steadfastly helping them market more effectively, strengthen their brands, build a more effective industry and work for the public good through decisive and innovative promotion.

Voice of the Marketer

As the voice of the industry, ANA advocates for the advertising community in Congress, state legislatures, federal regulatory agencies and the courts. In addition, we engage our members and the industry to work together and leverage their leadership to grow businesses and brands.

Driven by ANA’s growth program

The CMO-approved ANA Growth Program provides key ways for the industry to build a stronger and more sustainable economic future for all brands and people for whom they are intended.

Supports more than 1,600 domestic and international companies

Nearly 1,100 trade, customer-facing marketers representing nearly 20,000 brands that collectively spend $400 billion annually on marketing and advertising services.

More than 500 marketing solution providers, including vendors, agencies, law firms, advertising firms and professionals who influence the entire marketing ecosystem.

Team up with us to drive growth

At ANA, we believe that diversity on our team contributes to the value created for our members. For more than 20 years, we have collectively voiced our opinions, leveraged our authority and commitment to shape the industry and its structure to be the most inclusive, open and reflective of diverse segments.

Become part of that difference. Become an ANA member today and help grow the industry!


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