Best Wedding Venue in NYC | VIP Country Club

On the 24th of June 2022, Melissa and Gabriel decided to get married in an elegant wedding venue located in New Rochelle, New York. Located on the Long Island Sound, the property offers a waterfront view from its grounds. Spread over 8 acres and featuring lush gardens, couples and their loved ones are welcome to celebrate their big day in this idyllic setting.


Facilities and Capacity

VIP Country Club offers a number of indoor and outdoor event spaces that can be adjusted to make your wedding dream come true. The cozy, romantic Fireplace Room features gold-tiled ceilings with honey-colored walls and drapery. Flower-adorned arches can be arranged in front of the antique-inspired fireplace for a warm ambience no matter the season. Ceremonies can also take place in the East and West Ballrooms, which are accented with centerpiece spotlights and colored uplighting. For a vibrant reception, the 600 Lounge features state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, as well as plush seating. Outside, the Waterfront Terrace features bright verandas where an altar can be set up. Chairs can be arranged on the green grass for a ceremony held in the open air. Another option, the Garden Fountain Plaza, allows you to exchange vows beside a stunning water feature while being shaded by leafy trees.

If you like this event, and would like to create something special and yours, here are some contacts of people who can do this for you:

  • Lead Venue: VIP Country Club (Maitre D’ Vinny) | Phone number: (914) 235-1500
  • Florist: Arcadia Floral Adrienne| Phone number:(914) 777-2800
  • Best photo and video services:

Parks in Los-Angeles where I could do engagements

Los Angeles is the cradle of world cinema. Who may be against holding an engagement photo shoot in places where their favourite actors and actresses spend time. Moreover, there are so many beautiful parks in the city where you can find great places for irresistible photos. And after the completion of filming, you can organize a pleasant picnic with friends and relatives.

There are really a lot of good places for photo shoots for newlyweds in Los Angeles. We decided to choose the most suitable for the engagement.

Grand Park

Parks in Los-Angeles where I could do engagements

This is a popular holiday destination, where there are always a lot of people. If you like crowded companies, Grad Park is for you. The territory is divided into zones:

  1. the Fountain of Arthur J. Smith. Will;
  2. venue for performances;
  3. shared terrace;
  4. lawn for festive events.

You will find interesting places for good photos in each of these zones. You can bring your own food or buy it here. You can order food, organize a picnic. The park is at your disposal from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Elysian Park

It is located in the heart of the city. From here you can enjoy stunning views from Dodger Stadium to the Hollywood Hills. You can take a picture on the famous Portola Trail and next to the memorial sculpture of the park’s most active defender, Grace E. Simons. Here you will find many picturesque places for filming.

Griffith Park

Perhaps this is the best place for engagement in a calm atmosphere. Griffith Park is the largest municipal park in the United States, where there are many interesting things:

  1. wildlife;
  2. dozens of miles for hiking and horseback riding;
  3. excellent conditions for recreation.

In addition, there are enough family and cultural institutions where you can make interesting photos for memory.

Echo Park Lake

This 13-acre area is surrounded by another 16 acres of land, which is adapted for the rest of visitors. There are many suitable places here to take photos:

  1. landscapes of park areas;
  2. pedestrian bridge;
  3. flower beds with lotuses;
  4. statue of the “Lady of the Lake”.

You have the opportunity to capture the moments of riding on a rowing boat and a water bike.

Lake Hollywood Park

Here you can enjoy beautiful nature, clean air and beautiful views far from the bustle of the city. You have fantastic views of Hollywood. Special places for barbecue have been created in the park.

Balboa Lake Park

Parks in Los-Angeles where I could do engagements

The main place here is Lake Balboa. It is filled with Tillman water recycled by the plant. Here you can take a picture against the backdrop of a picnic or in a rowing boat. If you are lucky enough to have an engagement in the spring, you will have the opportunity to shoot against the background of Japanese cherry blossoms.

Will Rogers State Historic Park

If you are a fan of the outstanding actor, radio host, philosopher and cowboy Will Rogers or you love the rural idyll, you have a direct road to this amazing park. Here the great actor spent his free time with his family and friends. He loved horseback riding, playing polo. You can see many things here:

  1. a house of 31 rooms;
  2. riding arena;
  3. stables;
  4. polo court;
  5. lots of corrals;
  6. ropes for swinging;
  7. pastures with horses;
  8. golf course;
  9. countless trails.

What a rich material for a variety of photo shoots!

Woodley Park

This charming park can be found in the recreation area of Lake Balboa. There is all the rest for guests. But the biggest attraction of the park is the Japanese garden, which is considered one of the most attractive in Los Angeles. Many couples come here to create unique photos against the background of a wide variety of plants.

If you are going to celebrate a wedding or engagement, we will make your holiday unforgettable. We have experience in photo and video shooting of festive events. Get in touch with us. We will definitely find a common language.

How to create wedding photography packages

There are a lot of manufacturers around us. Only few of them become brands. The same goes for photographers. A lot of people shoot. But only few professionals are among them. The success of producers and photographers directly depends on the organization of work.

For a wedding photographer, it is very important to create a clear package that will help him in his work and tell the client about his professionalism and attitude to business.

How to create such a package of wedding photos to attract more customers? In this article, we’ll break down the main points involved in creating a good package.

Order in packages

How to create wedding photography packages

Everything in the bag should be neat. Clients notice a mess in work and try to refuse the services of undisciplined photographers under various pretexts. The package should show the advantages of the work of a specialist in a matter of minutes.

What the client needs

Before you create a wedding package, find out what customers are most interested in nowadays. It doesn’t take much effort. All customer wishes are in your computer. See which queries regarding the topic of wedding packages are the most numerous. In addition, you can set yourself the goal of watching the photography of wedding events and learn how to create your own packages.

Package levels

Weddings are different. Not everyone can afford luxury photo-video shooting. The photographer should be ready to offer his services to each category of customers. Do not create packages for all occasions. But there should be at least three options:

  1. Basic, where a minimum of services are presented;
  2. Medium with a little more services than the basic one;
  3. VIP option, in which all the bells and whistles are present.
  4. Such a distribution of services will help the client to make an informed choice.

Package name

They say, as you call the ship, so it will sail. The same can be said for wedding packages. They are called differently by photographers. Some just number the packages, others come up with original names that fit each package category. For example, how do you like this set of names:

  • silver;
  • platinum;
  • gold.

On such a solemn day as a wedding, such names are sure to attract additional customers.

Additional services

How to create wedding photography packages

Do not hesitate to offer customers additional services. Your business is to offer, and the client’s business is to agree or not. If successful, you can increase the price, and perhaps provide the client with an important service that he did not suspect.


Try to show more feedback about your previous work in the package. By reading people’s opinions, clients begin to better understand how a photographer is right for them.


Creating your own website will attract the opportunity for a large number of users to get acquainted with your package in a calm home environment. If you are not very versed in the intricacies of marketing, turn to SEO services. They will help you for a small fee.


When determining the price, conflict situations often arise. They undermine the reputation of a specialist. To prevent such cases, the photographer needs to set clear prices for all services. Then the client will be able to independently calculate the total cost of work.


This is one of the important components of the photographer’s work. You should include it in the package or discuss the details of the service separately. Moreover, the cost at each level should be different. The more expensive the level of services, the more expensive it will be to edit them.

If you want to conduct high-quality photo and video shooting of a wedding or other event, then contact us. Our photographers have experience and offer discounts.

What’s included in wedding photography packages

A wedding event in itself is not cheap. For rich people this is not so noticeable, but they also make a detailed plan for the costs of the event.

Wedding photos and video shooting are an important component of the wedding celebration. Photographers are interested in imposing expensive services on clients in order to earn as much as possible. The wedding party can tailor the wedding photo package to its needs and capabilities.

It is difficult for a person inexperienced in this area to determine priorities. Therefore, those responsible for holding the event should consult with friends, relatives who have already managed to hold wedding celebrations. And we will tell you about what should be included in the wedding package of photos so that the session turns out to be memorable and not very expensive.

Style of photos

What's included in wedding photography packages

You can choose a reportage style when the photographer takes spontaneous shots. Or maybe you like posing photos better. It seems strange for our time, but some people still prefer black and white pictures.

Many packages include photos related to the main events of the celebration:

  1. cutting the cake;
  2. group shots of couples with friends, relatives, colleagues;
  3. ring exchange;
  4. raising glasses with drinks by a wedding couple;
  5. dance of the newlyweds.

There are many other services that you should choose from so as not to overpay too much.

Time at the wedding

Decide on the time that the photographer should spend at the celebration. The time should correspond to the number of services that he can provide for a certain period. It may happen that the photographer will take only a few pictures, and take money for the whole day. To prevent this, the photographer’s time should be filled with specific work. Discuss the case with an assistant or with a second photographer.

Lighting, equipment

Depending on the venue of the event, the photographer will need lighting or shadows. It is important to decide on the type of cameras. The photographer can keep silent about the use of expensive equipment that you can’t afford, and then put a big bill. Discuss this issue in advance and add it to the package.


This procedure for the photographer takes a lot of time, so it should be included in the package. Editing involves:

  1. improving image quality;
  2. submitting photos in digital format;
  3. adding rich colours.

The batch should reflect the number of images to be edited and the time it takes to process them.

Included products

What's included in wedding photography packages

Modern technologies allow you to satisfy any whims of the newlyweds. Photography products can be presented in various formats:

  1. books as gifts to parents and guests;
  2. photo albums;
  3. books in the form of a coffee table.

Pay attention to the external design of the items. What will be the cover and how will the edges of the album sheets be decorated? These services matter and cost money.

Many photographers offer prints on canvases, others advise some images to be mounted in frames to hang in a prominent place.
An interesting proposal is to make all the photos in digital format so that they can be printed at any time. Finally, packages are increasingly including DVD slideshows of the best photos.

Additional services

It’s good when you know what’s included in the package and how much it costs. But that’s not all. Some moments may not be included in the package, but cost a lot of money. Therefore, before you solve the issues with the package of photos, find out about possible additional services and their estimated cost. This may concern travel to the place of filming, accommodation, the presence of an assistant, about which they forgot to warn.

Want to get cool videos and photo shoots of your weddings? Then contact us.

Beautiful Wedding In Crest Hollow Country Club

On the 9th of June 2022, Victor and Sealy decided to get married in a beautiful Venue Crest Hollow Country Club. This place is an idyllic wedding venue located in Woodbury, New York. An ideal spot for couples who wish to enjoy a destination celebration in the Empire State, this country club is defined by its refined-meets-relaxed vibe.


If you are planning to host a lavish outdoor ceremony, the English Garden would be a wonderful option for you. Its delightful rose bushes and manicured lawns generate a sense of tranquility befitting of romantic occasions. Inspired by the tropical beaches of the Sunshine State, South Beach is a reception area that will surely impress you and your loved ones.

If you like this event, and would like to create something special and yours, here are some contacts of people who can do this for you:

Indian wedding photographer

Often people celebrate a wedding in a non-formal style, they want to somehow stand out, or observe customs and traditions. There are many options, but the Indian wedding is one of the most beautiful. So that you can remember the wedding or tell friends who live far away or couldn’t attend, you should hire a photographer.

Indian wedding photographer

For these needs, there are Indian photographers who work specifically for such weddings. They are found all over the world. Including Indian wedding photographers are in New York. Most of them follow Indian wedding customs and know how to take photos from the best angles.

The average cost of an Indian wedding photographer

Each wedding has its own budget and should not go beyond. Therefore, it is worth including the photographer in this amount. Some may charge a large fee, someone may charge a little, and the quality of the photo does not always depend on the price. But you should choose a quality photographer, read reviews, see his work, and if the budget is limited, you should choose even better. The average cost of such photographers is $200 per hour, but if you have the opportunity to hire an elite wedding photographer, then you should understand that the price goes up to $2,000 per hour.

What to pay attention to

First, you should pay attention to the work experience in this area, because beginners make mistakes more often. Also, do not forget about the reviews of people, about the photos that the photographer took, because not everyone may like them. Do not forget about the age of the photographer, because young people are more energetic, ready to immerse themselves in shooting, they can also come up with something unusual, but do not forget that more experienced people have everything checked by time, and they know what they are doing. Another very important point is the shooting conditions, like:

  • time;
  • will the photographer be able to reach you;
  • price;
  • number of submitted photos.

Unexpected situations

There are times when you order a photographer, and he comes and refuses to take pictures. Or he can request a larger amount instead of the one agreed upon. To prevent this from happening, you should discuss all the details in advance, including how the wedding will take place, as the photographer may have his own beliefs. Do not forget about the contract in which all the conditions will be written, including the cost of the photo session.

The best Indian wedding photographer

If you search for this on various sites, you may stumble upon high-end photographers with a huge price tag. But really, there is no better one. Each photographer has his own style, looks at the photo shoot in different ways, you should not copy the photographers who were with friends or relatives at weddings, but you can listen to them and find out more information about him and then evaluate him, because all people have their own tastes most of the time they are different.

A wedding is very important in the life of every person. In order not to forget how this wonderful day went, it is worth hiring a photographer, but you should follow all the above tips, then you will choose a photographer to your taste, from your point of view.

Wedding posing nyc

Young people, who are linked by the first love feelings, certainly want to connect their destinies by marriage. Both the bride and groom sincerely believe that their current wedding is the first and last in their lives. Anyone who has ever sincerely loved will understand what is going on in the souls of young people at this time.

The lovers want to perpetuate amazing moments of happiness in order to return to them again in years and decades. A photo shoot should be treated with the utmost responsibility. Each pose of a favourite couple should be unique and inimitable. The photographer needs to take into account a lot of nuances:

  • if the photographer really wants to have a good wedding photo shoot, which will appeal to the newlyweds, he certainly needs to meet with them and understand what they need. Maybe they are shy and do not want to take too sensual pictures. Maybe on the contrary, they are relaxed and do not hesitate to express their feelings. Perhaps they like to have fun and dance more;
  • pay attention to the wedding dress and makeup of the bride. On high-quality pictures, any little things appear. Therefore, everything must be done professionally;
  • the image of the bride acquires special significance. She’s the queen of the ball today. It is important for the photographer to emphasize her look, smile, grace of movements. A couple of days before the session, the couple needs to be given high-quality photos with suitable poses for them;
  • laughter gives the pictures a special mood;
  • an experienced photographer competently selects the angles of view and inclinations of the camera to increase the dynamics;
  • some moments can only be filmed once without takes. It is incorrect to force newlyweds to wear rings twice because of the photographer’s inattention.

There is no limit to human imagination. Each person sees this or that situation in his own way. How long has the art of photography existed, but we still do not cease to admire individual successful photos that are not like others. Our collection also does not pretend to be unique in its kind, but will help the newlyweds to show their best qualities during the wedding photo shoot.

  1. The wedding veil is the main accessory that makes the image of the bride unique. This item of outfit can cover the face in whole or in part. The photographer should emphasize the eyes of the bride. Lowered eyelashes will give the image of romance.
  2. A beautifully decorated wedding car is always in the spotlight. Photos of the bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers will take a special place in the photo shoot.
  3. What a wedding without a kiss. This picture should capture the faces of the bride and groom, especially the gentle expression of the eyes. The beautiful landscape gives the kiss romance.
  4. The kiss of the groom hugging the bride from behind is full of tenderness. At the same time, it is desirable that lovers look not into the camera, but at each other.
  5. Don’t forget to capture the bride in the arms of a loving groom. During filming, it is important to choose the right angle so that the frame includes faces in the right angle. Such a photo is good both up close and at a distance.
  6. The mischievous run of newlyweds holding each other’s hands along the seashore will diversify your photo shoot, give it liveliness.
  7. A beautiful picture will turn out if you photograph the bride in a wedding dress from above.
  8. And how without the ringing of glasses in the hands of the newlyweds.
  9. The dance of young people is an obligatory plot for a wedding album. The bride and groom tenderly look at each other.

The wedding belongs primarily to young people. But they are not the only ones who become the objects of pictures. Photos with relatives and friends are of great importance. Photographers capture accessories and surrounding objects and rooms:

  • bedroom view with curtains on the windows;
  • wedding car with wedding rings and flowers;
  • view of the house of celebrations;
  • jewel and clothing items;
  • bouquets of flowers;
  • a wedding scene.

A big place in photo albums is occupied by the sights of cities, landscapes of parks and gardens.





What is 360 photography

When we go to a regular store, we can see the product that we are going to buy from all sides. To do this virtually, 360-degree photography can help us. Some users confuse it with 3D, but these are different things.

What photo 360 looks like

This is a set of several images taken from different angles. It is preferable to use a white background to create a better contrast. In order to get a complete picture of the subject, we need to make the image to rotate. For smooth movement a large number of photos is needed. There should be between 24 and 72. A larger number will result in a long download, which is not very convenient.

Instead of photography, video is sometimes used. To do this, you need a high-resolution device. Processing such material is more complicated, but the file can be divided into the required number of frames.

How to take photos 360

To obtain an image in this format, two methods are used:

  1. Movable platform. The product must be installed on it and scrolled. The camera stands still. The platform must be large enough to accommodate the subject of photography and be reliable to support its weight.
  2. Rails for camera movement. With this method of shooting, the product stands still, the camera spins over it. Rails are not often used for shooting because of the inconvenience and high cost. But you can’t do without them if you need to cover a large object.

Advanced Photos 360

Standard photos of this format involves moving left or right in one plane. But you can make this process more diverse. Why not show the picture for your website or online store in two or even three planes. A good effect is given by the method of animation. If you show how smoothly the drawers of the chest of drawers open and close, you will add a few percent to the conversion.

Scrolling of the product at some point can be temporarily suspended and animations added. Show how the doors and drawers of the advertised refrigerator work.

Difficult filming cases

Not all items can be easily installed on platforms. For example, a handbag can simply be put on a turntable. And what to do with clothes? In this case, photographers go for a trick: they use a mannequin without arms, neck and other visible parts of the body. The user has the impression as if the clothes are on an invisible person.

And what about a toothbrush that can’t be installed vertically. Photographers resort to ingenuity in such cases. The brush is attached to the platform with a thin needle or hung on an inconspicuous thread.

It is difficult to shoot asymmetrical objects. To make high-quality shooting with them at once is problematic. You will have to create a set of the most successful frames after the completion of the photo shoot.

Photographers have to solve another problem. This applies to shooting objects from which glare is reflected. Here the professionalism is important to properly adjust the light in the studio. If this cannot be done, after shooting you will have to resort to the method of photoshopping. This is an expensive and difficult process.

Is it possible to take photos 360 at home

Wherever you take photos, you can’t do without expensive equipment. Home conditions aren’t as good as they are in studios. The studio is a place specially designed for professional shooting. But you can take photos of 360 at home. To do this, you should buy or even make a simple turntable and create a white background.

But it’s evident that only trained specialists are able to adjust the equipment, correctly set the light. Something can be taken from videos on the Internet. But this is clearly not enough to create full-fledged photos 360 at home.


How much does professional photography cost

To a person inexperienced in the art of photography, it seems that the photographer receives a lot of money for nothing. He does not even think about why the specialist promises to prepare pictures only in a week or 10 days. He does not understand that the photographer’s hour of work on the shooting is only a small part of his work, although it is very important for obtaining original photographs.

How to evaluate a photographer


The price of a photo is influenced by many factors. Here, the human factor is important. Photography is commerce. Some specialists can sell themselves expensively, the others can’t.

It is important to note the attitude of the specialist to the evaluation of his work. There are photographers who do this work the most part their lives. Despite the good quality of the pictures, they do not try to ask for high prices. Photography for them is a hobby for the soul, which still allows to make money for a living.

Other categories of specialists treat their activities as a business. They are sure that the prices of their works must necessarily increase with experience. Such photographers have the gift of persuasion. Advertising occupies a large place in their work. And they are success. Active specialists invest considerable funds in their work to advance in the profession.

Prices for professional shooting

Pricing largely depends on the types of photos. Event shooting is usually hourly. Commercial photography is evaluated differently. The photographer can ask for a price for individual photos or offer the total cost of the project.

Rates are different from the photographers’ working places. Prices for photography, for example, in New York are much higher than those somewhere in a provincial town. Naturally, one of the decisive factors in evaluating a photo is its quality.

Now let’s look at the approximate rates of photographers per image depending on their experience:

  1. Students have a large gap in prices. They can take a photo for $25-100. This difference is explained by the fact that some of them learn from good professionals and have developed good skills. Others try to advance based on their own experience.
  2. Semi-professionals earn an average of 50 to 150 dollars. Most of them set themselves the task of reaching great heights in the profession. Some of them have already shown themselves in design, operator business, website development. Some have reached the level of professionals.
  3. Top specialists can receive from 300 to 2000 dollars per image. This is the elite, which makes up only about 5% of all photographers. Among them, there are specialists who can earn $ 10,000 a day, and one image can cost up to $ 5,000.

The hourly rate for most of the described photographers is almost the same as for a single image. The same can’t be said for the pros. Their prices are incommensurably higher.

Tariffs for images depending on the types of photos

Wedding photos from pros can cost in the range of 1000-4000 dollars per image. For work at a wedding, one can charge a price of $ 10,000. Beginners can be content with prices from $ 350. Weddings work well for brand development.

Portrait photography costs between $125 and $350. Here, the price increase can be affected by changing clothes, changing places for shooting. Before starting photo shoots, it is better to agree on prices in advance.

Photos for local sites cost 35-150 dollars. To promote a local site at this price you can find a lot of people who are ready to shoot. The photographer can offer the site owner to promote his brand in exchange for the low cost of shooting.

Which is the best professional camera for photography

Experienced photographers believe that a real professional should not save on the purchase of a good device. The camera for professional shooting, according to experts, must meet the following requirements:

    1. Be distinguished by good functionality.
    2. Have a durable but lightweight body.
    3. Be dust- and moisture-proof.
    4. Have access to shooting parameters without entering the menu.

Shoot at high speed.

Experts call the brand one of the most important conditions for the choice. There are leaders in the production of professional equipment in the world. No need to look for good equipment from other manufacturers. The list of the best includes:

  1. Pentax.
  2. Canon.
  3. Sony.
  4. Nikon.
  5. Leica.

Below we consider the three prize-winners among SLR and mirrorless cameras of various manufacturers.

Top 3 DSLRs

1.Sony A1

This is one of the best cameras of 2022 among all kinds. Professionals do not find weaknesses in this device.


  • high resolution;
  • rich equipment;
  • high-quality screen;
  • HEIF format support;
  • strong sensor.


Not found.

2.Pentax K-1 Mark II Kit</h3)

This professional camera of the company Pentax is made in a traditional style. It applies to both external and internal attributes. The built-in stabilization system allows you to get a perfect picture without the slightest trace of lubrication. Unlike many competitors, this model does not require a group of lenses.


  • excellent autofocus;
  • user-friendly screen design;
  • image stabilization;
  • no noise at high ISO;
  • supports Wi Fi and GPS;
  • smooth settings;
  • reliable performance.


Not detected.

3.Canon EOS 80D Kit

The model of the Japanese giant like no other is suitable for an experienced professional and a novice photographer. It is easy to use and cheaper than its counterparts. At the same time, the camera has a large number of functions. On one charge, the device can take 960 pictures.


  • high speed of serial photography;
  • ergonomics;
  • autofocus for 45 points;
  • image quality up to ISO 3200;
  • a large number of connectors.


  • Minor noise at low ISO in JPEG;
  • No GPS module.

Mirrorless cameras are good in many ways. But one of the most important advantages of these devices experts recognize the matrix stabilization system. It is available on all models that will be included in the review.

Top 3 mirrorless cameras

1.Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Model is designed for professional shooting, and has such dimensions that it easily fits in your pocket. At the same time, it opens up wide opportunities for users to show creative abilities. The model is cheaper than its counterparts, so it enjoys well-deserved popularity.


  • small size;
  • good flash;
  • miniature charger;
  • good photos.


  • Sometimes confuses ISO values.

2.Sony A7R III

This Sony model was the crowning glory of the rivalry with Nicon. As a result, the brand gave the world a unique professional camera that produces high-quality pictures. A large matrix allows you to take photos of complex images. The model has many other advantages.


  • charging does not interfere with shooting;
  • lots of features;
  • high shooting speed;
  • large matrix.


  • Awkward position of the recording keys.

3.Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1

The pioneer of mirrorless cameras with full-frame shooting, buyers consider ideal for portrait and street shooting. The camera can shoot from a distance of 20 cm. The sensitivity of the model from 100 to 25600 ISO. It is much more compact than any DSLR.


  • multiple megapixels;
  • support macro mode;
  • ergonomics of the model.


    There are DSLR models with better parameters.