360 Photography and Video Production NYC

360 is a fresh and innovative storytelling technique which allows you to see everything in a shot from any perspective and angle.

Instead of watching the event in 2D, get a chance to see everything around. This time you get to decide where you look and when. When viewed in VR, 360 videos offer a sense of presence and immersion that traditional videos can’t match so that you see the details that you couldn’t spot on that same day.

How we do it?

360 photos and images are fantastic for many reasons, but the real magic is viewing them in virtual reality — being transported to that place. No other medium has come close to creating that sense of “being there. To make such a sense, we use special techniques and programs. But that is not all, the most important tool that helps us to do it is our experience and practice.

Victoria`s Sweet 16.

Diana`s Sweet 16

Artush & Asya

Why you should choose us for your wedding 360 VR image and video production

Because of its immersive quality, 360 videos can help the viewer to connect with the content in a meaningful and emotional way. Having the ceremony is definitely a touching moment not just for you but for your family and friends as well. While the videographer pays attention mostly to the newlyweds, the 360 camera spots all the angles and you may see what your closest ones felt on your important day.
And we as no one else definitely can use 360 VR in a proper way to save your memories as something very special and beautiful.



Is it possible to get a simple photo/video package without adding the 360 VR option?

Is it possible to get a simple photo/video package without adding the 360 VR option?

Should I book the second photographer to do the VR photo/video?

We are very good at working in teams. If the wedding is larger or more complex a second photographer becomes the logical choice. If not - the one photographer can cope with it.

Will we meet with you before the wedding?

Please call to schedule an appointment. For our international clients: please call the studio.

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