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Old Spice Backstage photos by Art Look


Posted 24 July 2023. 8:07am

Old Spice Backstage photos by Art Look

Step into the enchanting world of Art Look, where creativity intertwines with visual storytelling, as we proudly present an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of an unforgettable advertising campaign featuring the iconic Old Spice.

While another talented company worked their magic on the set, Art Look had the privilege of capturing the mesmerizing process of bringing the Old Spice allure to life. Our lenses soaked in the essence of the shoot, documenting every exhilarating moment as it unfolded.

As the production unfolded, the atmosphere buzzed with electrifying energy. Our team weaved seamlessly through the action, preserving raw emotions and artistic flair in every shot. Each click of the camera unveiled a timeless tale of charisma and allure, leaving a lasting imprint on the essence of Old Spice.

From the intense focus of the crew to the laughter shared during breaks, Art Look reveled in capturing the camaraderie that infused the set. The behind-the-scenes shots mirror the heart and soul poured into the creation of this captivating campaign.

Join us on this enthralling voyage, as we showcase the artistry behind the lens and pay homage to the genius of the campaign’s creators. Stay tuned as we reveal the backstage collection, portraying the heart-pounding moments that shaped this extraordinary Old Spice narrative.

This is Art Look—where imagination knows no bounds, and where every click etches an everlasting tale of beauty, charisma, and the very essence of the human spirit.


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