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B2B Marketplaces Dinner & Discussion


Posted 19 October 2022. 9:10am

B2B Marketplaces Dinner & Discussion

A private invitation only event for a select group of founders, CEOs and executives on Thursday, Sept. 29.

There were discussed topics such as practices and learning for scaling a two-sided marketplace.

About Alpha

Alpha was founded in 2005 and is a community only for founders, CEOs and influential technology experts. The idea of the project is simple: to form an environment in which leaders in the technology world can connect and collaborate with their peers in a private setting where they can speak candidly. Alpha organizes various conferences that strengthen professional and business relationships. We bring together the most capable people on a particular subject, topic, or direction of technology and let them decide where the conversation should go.
More than 60 events in 9 cities (Atlanta, Austin, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Boston and Chicago) of North America are organized by Alpha.

Events with a Purpose

Alpha focuses on events that will benefit the founders, CEOs and managers of technology companies in some way: a new board member, mentor, investor or partner.

Alpha is Unique

Alpha is unlike others because our network is elite. Our founders, CEOs and executive managers join forces to build a powerful network that becomes one of their most important resources. Our expert guidance continues to help the Alpha team improve the community by maintaining a high caliber of members. Alpha is a place where founders and executives share, create, and learn from each other.


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