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Photo retouching using artificial intelligence technologies


Posted 23 March 2023. 6:03am

Photo retouching using artificial intelligence technologies

Hello friends, my name is Michael King. Professional photography is not only my job, but also my vocation. Although there are amateurs of film photography, the modern world dictates its rules, and we just have to obey them with pleasure. Take a trend like neural networks and artificial intelligence in photography. This is what really looks to the future with great promise.

Digital photography quickly caught the attention of artists and professional photographers. With the advent of artificial intelligence in the world of photography, the opportunities for development in the industry have greatly increased.

Even half a century ago, something like this would have caused shock, surprise and most likely would have been classified as science fiction. Today, artificial intelligence is fully used in all spheres of life of modern man. 

It is worth to understand how it can affect the process of transformation of the image.


As a rule, a computer picks up missing pixels in a low-quality photo based on high-resolution images. As a standard, a set of such data is compressed and a neural network is trained so that the final images are pixel-by-pixel similar to the original from the entire data set.


Here we are not without a drawback.After all, it is extremely difficult to match pixels to textured areas such as hair or facial skin. 


To perform this procedure, the neural network tries to average out all the images it can get. As a result, we end up with a fuzzy image. With the evolution of neural networks, though, the way to improve image quality has changed. It is not just turning one picture into another, but generating an image on its own.


Let’s remember where we started. Light collages, basic manipulation: colors and light. Photo editing evolved with the accompanying software. Now we get a product of the highest quality. This is the real magic of turning photography into different types of art with a division in styles. The individual characteristics of each style are visible in many manifestations: the use of color; the nuances of composition; shooting technique; the interpretation of the main theme.


Artificial Intelligence performs in seconds those tasks, which even an artist with vast experience and a decent level of writing can handle in a much longer period of time. We are talking about days or more.

In addition to the creative and technological process, there is another side to the issue. Conventional photography is already getting off the ground. Artificial intelligence, for all its pluses, is not capable of multitasking and the consequences are impossible to foresee.


In everyday life we take advantage of technological progress by visiting social networks, editing photos and videos, as amateurs and ordinary users. Professionals like Artlook create masterpieces of photographic art, using the latest technology, a keen sense of beauty, exquisite taste, boundless imagination and the ability to hear the wishes of the client.


Let’s see how the editing process itself takes place.


We recently had a wedding shoot and now I’m planning to create a masterpiece from a wedding photo shoot. We just need a few clicks and we can not only create stylization, but also teleport the participants to other worlds or just to a different environment. Isn’t that wonderful?


So, there’s a great photo and we have the opportunity to make it perfect. First, we load it as a source for the AI. 

The next step is to tempo localize it. 


What do you think will happen? And how long will I have to wizard over it?


Only up to 20 seconds of my time and voila!.


Did you like it? Try going through the same steps.


Super result!


That’s just the beginning. So we just reduced the blurring of the image when generating it.


In a couple of seconds, with a mouse manipulation we get the full preservation of proportions and facial features. 

We can also completely change the female image.


Let’s see some more examples.



In this case the neural network recognized the color palette perfectly, the participants of the photo session got full stylization, and the interior preserved its authenticity. 



For this stylization example, our choice was steampunk.  This is one of the directions of science fiction, which combines technology and arts and crafts. It is based on the technology and science fiction of the 19th century, and most importantly the presence of steam engines.


In our case, everything has turned into gears and working mechanisms. Microchips and a lot of wires are perfectly integrated into the car. Pay attention how detailed the bride’s bouquet is! Just delightful!



Here’s another example of a high level of detail. Here our models were transformed into elves. One of the brides originally had tattoos that, along with the jewelry, blended seamlessly into our stylization theme.



This example is very interesting to study.  

Look how beautifully the neural network worked on the brick wall in the cityscape and the hands, the bride’s jewelry. Absolute stylization.


In fact, nothing is impossible. Artificial intelligence and neural network will be great assistants in your work.

The only question is the experience with them. You also have to be prepared for a more time-consuming process.


It’s time to come to terms with the fact that the kinds of editing we used to use not so long ago are becoming obsolete.

Photographers will still be in demand and can enjoy their art. For them, no one will take beautiful and soulful photos, visit amazing places, and be able to capture them. 

A lot of people every minute try to stop time in a photo, smile at the moment and remember it. 


Despite the fact that photography and everything associated with it is not only my job, but my life, I still want to find time for family, learning new things, relaxing in landscapes.

This is what drove me to automate some of the processes in my work.

As for the art of photography, it’s a topic worthy of a separate story. 


Perhaps you have a dream to travel through time or move to the place of your dreams, to try on new images, to feel unique? You have a holiday and you need the services of a photographer and magician in one person?


Then come to us. The company Artlook will perform services of editing your photos in a variety of styles and directions with the help of artificial intelligence and neural network, talent and professionalism.


I hope, today’s topic opened for you a lot of interesting and surprising and, probably, was an impetus to develop in your life completely new facets.



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