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First Look Wedding Photos Pros, Cons & Insider Tips


Posted 23 February 2023. 10:02am

First Look Wedding Photos Pros, Cons & Insider Tips

“Classic” weddings are a thing of the past, modern celebrations are significantly different from what most people are used to, and what’s not all change can be called negative! Our wedding photography specialists have welcomed all the new products from the wedding field with open arms.

One of the most prominent examples is same-sex marriage.  Because society has lost a clear idea of the “right” couple, we have been able to photograph many same-sex weddings. There is certainly a disproportionate difference between the new format of weddings without celebratory caravans and with choreographed numbers and tolerance for the LGBTQ+ community. The trends that exist today in wedding events promote the idea that newlyweds should decide for themselves how their celebration is going to be, because it is such an important day!


What many couples have doubts about is the question of the first look. Even from our ancestors we inherited the tradition of the newlyweds spending the night apart on the eve of the wedding (even those couples who live together do not abandon this tradition). And it turns out that the newlyweds see each other only when the bride approaches the altar. Nevertheless, according to contemporary sociological surveys, almost half of all couples would be happy to give up the boring tradition. 


Let’s be specific about what we mean by “first look. It’s very simple. This is the moment when the newlyweds see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Usually it happens as follows: the groom turns his back to the place where the bride will come out to him, then she comes, takes him by the shoulder and … HOORAY! They saw each other. It goes without saying that at this moment there is an active photo shoot, photographers try their best to capture every moment of this unique emotion, special emphasis is placed on the couple’s facial expressions. 


Many couples can’t make up their minds to the last minute whether they want to keep the tradition or not. Let us tell you from our own experience. Our photographers have been to hundreds of weddings of couples who have given up on the first look and couples who have done it after all. And trust us, the right decision. Everything needs to be done the way you feel. The wedding will be gorgeous either way!


Nevertheless, we recommend you to read a short list of advantages and disadvantages of one or another decision




You can attend the cocktail hour!

Often the newlyweds don’t have time to enjoy all the delicacies they paid for themselves. And that’s because they are busy with the photo shoot. If you decide not to give up on the first look, you can try all the yummy treats at your cocktail party. 


Your couple portraits are rushed not that much 


Based on the experience of our photographers we can tell you with confidence that before you even blink and the celebration is already over. The wedding day passes very quickly. In case of refusal of the first look, you will greatly limit yourself in time for the portrait photo session (most often in such situations newlyweds are photographed during the buffet). The first look will untie your hands and you can decide for yourself when and how long you want to be photographed.


This is a great opportunity to be together on the eve of the holiday.

You know very well that every guest demands your attention. Because of the constant hassle of the photo shoot, the banquet, the rush, and other little things, you will hardly get to enjoy each other. The first look is a great way for the two of you to have some quiet time before the wedding.




You have to start earlier


Your wedding can start much earlier if you do decide to have the first look. It also depends on the number of guests at the party. This will not work for all couples, because not everyone wants to do everything as quickly as possible and be in a hurry all the time. 


The “first look at the altar isn’t really a first look


The first look can spoil the impression of the groom’s reaction to the bride when she walks up the aisle a little bit. And it’s not that he won’t be happy to see her, but the fact that they saw each other a few hours ago, so the emotions won’t be as vivid. 


Insider Tips


Drawing on more than a decade of experience from our photographers and videographers, we offer you a list of helpful tips that will simplify your wedding planning process, particularly for couples who do decide on a first look.


Tip #1

Keep it intimate


So, first tip. Try to make the first look as intimate as possible. Of course, it’s more fun if all of the guests at your celebration participate, but try to keep it intimate, because that way you’ll get the maximum range of emotions that you can capture in the shot. The wedding day is often shrouded in a lot of excitement and a first look will help the couple defuse the situation before the celebration begins. 


Tip #2

Double the fun


If possible, do the first look in front of your parents. Just imagine the emotions of a father seeing his daughter in a wedding dress for the first time. This simply needs to be photographed. The bridesmaids’ reactions will be just as joyful and fun, so you can invite them to the procession, too.


Tip #3

Do family photos before the ceremony as well


In case you do decide to do the first look, set aside time in advance for a family photo shoot. This will save you time and you can enjoy each other or go to a banquet.



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