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Elopement Wedding photography


Posted 21 February 2023. 6:02am

Elopement Wedding photography

Every day brings a variety of moments into our lives. Some of them are more vivid and firmly imprinted in the memory, which, unfortunately, tends to fail and lose important data in its file system. To solve this issue and there is the art of photos.

They freeze smiles, hugs, kisses, movements, all the mood of the weather and seasons, all the important events and dates that can not be missed.


A photo frame, like a stroke on a canvas, is unique and unrepeatable.


A photo is a ready-to-touch canvas. Certainly, much depends on the photographer, on his talent, creativity, skill, experience, knowledge of technologies and techniques. However, we must not forget about the crucial role of the object of inspiration, which are often completely different in appearance, type and temperament of the client. They are a huge variety, as well as different directions in the art of photography.  Even the types of photography amaze by its diversity.


Take, for example, wedding photo shoots. Do not think that they are only divided into photo and video. 


There is even such a type of photo art as an Elopement Wedding photography In most cases, it is an unplanned event that resembles a wedding, only without the usual pathos and noisy trappings.


A traditional wedding requires a lot of time to prepare, high technical requirements, significant financial investments, a large number of guests, outfits, decorations, invitations, staged photo shoots.


A young couple often does not need all that fuss. There is no need to show respect for traditions in front of people, to celebrate with those with whom they do not want to, to put artificial poses for a photo shoot, to dress what is customary and to conform to all sorts of dogmas.


 That’s why this type of wedding, such as an elopement shoot, has become very popular. After all, there are a lot of advantages here:

     – аn opportunity to capture the one and only story of your relationship,

     – a small circle of guests, 

     – the freedom of your movements, your voice, your emotions,

     – only you in control of your celebration,

     – you can escape whenever and wherever you want,

     – spontaneity and revelation,

     – a complete lack of format,

     – the opportunity to make your holiday unique.


Who are the escape photographers? They are true gurus in capturing sincere emotions, unconventional subjects, interesting stories and enchanting photographs. 


” We didn’t plan our wedding in advance. The decision to tie the bonds of marriage to each other was very spontaneous and unexpected for our loved ones. Of course, there was surprise, bewilderment, sometimes even shock on their part. My husband and I were thrilled! After all, so many questions fell away on their own. The ceremony took place on February 26, 2022, at 1002 w Macon st Decatur IL. We then relocated to 1103 N Water Street Decatur IL.  The atmosphere was light, casual, sincere. Our photographer is a true professional, a man with a great sense of humor, a good psychologist and has already become a good friend to us. Every moment, all our improvisations Michael captured with 100% accuracy. Thank you for your support Artlook. You are well done and the best of the best! In fact, most importantly, my husband and I are happy! We are now a Mr & Mrs Bradford family.” 

Karina Ayala Bradford


The Artlook team can help you fulfill your aesthetic desires. We do all kinds of artistic photography, custom scrapbooking, and unique photo processing that you will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime. 


Artlook also does all kinds of productions, including Elegant editing packages. After all, we also specialize in creating and editing photos that combine top-notch visual effects, advanced technology and a high level of proficiency with all the tools to create masterpieces. We create only on professional and licensed software and offer our clients a package of 10 to 40 photos in fantastic style for an additional cost.


Make your story unsurpassed and unforgettable! We would love to help you do just that.



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