Here are 3 fall budget wedding tips:

1. Decorations

Instead of shelling out a lot of money to the florist, consider using seasonal flowers and foliage as decorations at your fall wedding. Ask your favorite local florist if you can pay a small fee to rent potted seasonal flowers, such as mums, to decorate your ceremony or reception venues. Choose a flower color that will coordinate with your bridesmaid dresses. Or purchase inexpensive glass vases for each table at the reception, and fill the vases with small branches of colorful fall leaves and grasses collected by friends and family. Better yet, choose an outdoor venue and let the beauty of the natural world serve as your free decorations.

2. Food

Work with your caterer to create a budget wedding menu that includes fruits and vegetables that are in season. This choice is better for the environment and may also save you a fair amount of money by selecting produce that is plentiful and available at this time of year. Butternut squash, pears, and tangerines are just some of the bounty of the fall harvest. Butternut squash bisque, a mixed greens salad with tangerine dressing, and pear tartlets all sound delicious and seasonally appropriate for a fall wedding.

3. Attire

If you get married in the fall, you may benefit from bridal stores attempting to mark down the wedding gowns they still have in stock after the spring and summer wedding seasons. If you are having an indoor wedding, then a sleeveless wedding gown will still serve you well for a fall wedding. If you are planning an outdoor celebration, then you may wish to find a coordinating lacy shawl or elegant shrug to stay warm. If you find a more elaborate shawl, then it would likely be best to opt for a very simple gown. Or perhaps you wish to find accessories that will coordinate with your affordable wedding rings