4 Instagram tips for photographers

1. Be you!Post what you care about and stick to it. Looking over my Instagram account always brings a smile to my face, because it sums me up to a tee and reminds me why I do what I do. If you’re a budding photographer looking to grow your following… focus what you want to be known for and share your best stuff. 

2. Take care.Not every image is great, so don’t share them all. Treat your Instagram account like Top Gun… Only the best of the best and leave the rest. Don’t take it personally, nobody is perfect and we all need practice. Focus on composition, content & quality and you’re on the road to success.

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3. Learn from the best.Find & follow people that inspire you and make you want to be a better photographer. We all have different styles… so search, discover and fill your photog cup full with your faves. Look far and wide… Flip through magazines, look at adverts or head into an art gallery… beautiful imagery is every.

4. Share the love.If you like it, let them know. A double tap is great, but a few words goes a long way. Instagram is a social media platform, so get socialising. You’ve got to give if you want to grow.

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