Bridget and Evan Wedding Day We were more than happy to be able to capture one of the most memorable days of Bridget and Evan's wedd...


Bridget and Evan Wedding Day
We were more than happy to be able to capture one of the most memorable days of Bridget and Evan's wedding. There were love and tenderness between them and the couple looked very sweet. We would like to share some of the photos with you.
An out door wedding venue is perfectly ideal for intimate weddings. During the summer/spring offers you the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding. Lots of prospective couples are searching everywhere for the perfect outdoor venue to have their wedding event. Brooklyn Bridge offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy an intimate wedding celebration.
Depending on the different varieties of outdoor wedding locations, preparing for an outdoor wedding event is  very affordable. Are you on the early stages of planning your wedding and would love to have the perfect setting for your big day without spending so much? Then an outdoor wedding is just all you need.
Sometimes changes in weather might be a challenge, but not to worry about this because all you need to do is to be prepared with a backup plan. One of the ways to handle this situation is to choose a venue that can offer indoor and outdoor facilities. It would be cool to have your wedding ceremony outdoor and have your reception under the tent. When it gets difficult to have the ceremony outdoor, then all event can be done under the tent.
Among other things to consider while choosing an outdoor wedding venue is to make sure that the caterers are well prepared, especially when the reception will be held outside. Check carefully if the music band will find it convenient to play; this is applicable if you will be using a music band. Make solid arrangements for the reception setting, food and drinks. When you have chosen a location, remember to inform your photographer in advance. This will help your photographer scout around the venue and figure-out which areas will be awesome for capturing amazing photoshoots.
This is the most memorable day for the bride and groom, and it's of top most importance that everything should perfectly organised, starting from selecting the venue. The following are highly important secret points to always remember while selecting the perfect outdoor wedding venue....
Consider the Season while choosing your wedding venue. Summer season and spring can offer you the perfect opportunity for an outdoor wedding event.
Always remember that the location of your outdoor wedding should be given major attention. Make sure that the venue will be easy for your guests and photographer to find and access easily. Provide necessary map directions to help your guests locate the venue easily.
It's worth remembering that when selecting an outdoor wedding venue, you should have an idea of how many guests will be present for the occasion. This will help determine which outdoor location and venue will be perfect to accommodate all your guests. 
Always make sure that the venue falls in line with all your plans and arrangements for your wedding.
An outdoor wedding venue offers you all the beauty in flowery decorations, all you need is just little finishing touches in decorations of the sitting arrangements,table decor,etc., all these can be easily achieved by your florist. It's also advisable to go along with your florist while choosing your wedding venue.
Always make the wedding venue appealing for you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of nature. While the guests will arrive before the ceremony begins, try to arrange everything in such a way that they will not feel unpleasant while waiting. Try to select a venue that can offer shades from trees protecting your guests from the heat of the sun, if a canopy or tent is provided, that will be fine too.
Finally, you and your spouse decide to select a perfect outdoor wedding venue, we recommend that you still have a backup plan: this can be achieved by selecting a location that has both indoor and outdoor facilities. The reason is simple, we can't predict the changes in weather conditions perfectly.
Taking into consideration all the aforementioned secrets and using them to make your preparations, will help make your wedding day an amazingly unique experience for you and all your guests.
No-matter what the weather turns out to be on your perfect day, we are always available to provide you with our professional photography and videography services. 
Are you looking for a perfect outdoor wedding venue? Look no further, we can provide you with a variety of options that you can select from and have a wonderful wedding event. Imagine yourself in the environment as shown in all the pictures you see here, very awesome and pleasant. This venue is Brooklyn Bridge, and it offers you with just all you need to capture amazing photographs and videos of your wedding day, offering you and your guests interesting opportunities to have fun and enjoy a beautiful outdoor wedding event.
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